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AI for Medicine

Our core business:
developing AI solutions in the medical field.

AI for Education

Explore our course catalog to embark on your AI learning journey and unfold endless possibilities.

AI paths for SME

A dedicated consulting service for SMEs looking to integrate AI into their daily operations.

Lantern G

The most advanced AI web-platform for Oncology and Neurology.

think Out-of-the-box

AI supports personalized medicine

We focus on each single patient

Personalized approach

We develop AI tools that support a personalized approach in patient treatment

Translational AI

From medicine to everyday life

Let’s call it Translational medicine, but in the opposite direction.

The expertise gained in medical applications and educations can be easily translated to other fields.

Our Services

Our services in details

AI-tools for medicine

We develop AI tools that support personalized patient treatment in Oncology and Neurology.

AI-tools for SMEs

We develop personalized paths for SMEs to detect and predict issues in workflow processes and employee welfare.

AI consulting service

We offer our expertise to SMEs in order to implement effective AI solutions in the daily routines.

AI courses

We offer a variety of AI courses, covering levels from beginners to advanced, available online or in-person.

AI for Schools

We develop and organize specialized labs and courses to introduce students to the mindful use of AI.

Build your AI with us

Do you have a wild AI idea?
Let’s craft a personalized AI-path together!

Our Team

Meet our Team Members

We build on people, not around infrastructures

Jennifer Doe

Jennifer Doe


Jonathan Doe

Jonathan Doe

CEO Startupzy

Christina Doe

Christina Doe

Creative Leader

AI Kate

AI Kate

Creative Leader

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